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Don Peterson

One of the most accomplished and experienced teachers in the world, Don has taught more than 100,000 people and voted TOP 50 Instructor in the United States 3 times by Golf Range Magazine. He is author of Baseball Golf, Start Golf Now, & Miyagi For Golf and inventor of the Golfer’s Template, Golfer’s Tee Box, Golf Grip Shim, and Golf Swing Board. A former Golf Magazine editor had this to say about Don’s book: “As creator of GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers program, I have been working with the game’s best teachers for many years. Don Peterson’s “The Baseball Golf Swing Method” is certainly one of the most creative and comprehensive ideas for improving your game that I have ever seen. It takes what you already know how to do and turns it into a powerful and consistent golf swing.” Lorin Anderson, Executive VP – The Golf Channel Academy Don’s students include comedian Jeff Foxworthy, NFL legend Brett Favre, PGA & Champions golfer Tim Simpson, and 2004 Champion Golfer of the Year, Open winner Todd Hamilton.
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